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Advice for drivers and trick-or-treaters. As ghosts, witches, and superheroes wander the roads on Halloween looking for candy and treats, drivers should take extra care to ensure that the holiday doesn’t become truly horrifying. READ MORE >>

  There's a type of auto protection that occurs before buying insurance. Certainly it is still important to closely examine the cars under consideration and ask pointed questions about them including how they handle in turns, emergency braking, gas mileage and maintenance costs. READ MORE >>

Gun ownership is a topic that is often controversial. Regardless your opinion on the subject, it is beyond dispute that many millions of households include guns and other firearms. The existence of so many guns creates special considerations with regard to insurance coverage. Property Concerns READ MORE >>

Preparing Makes Sense. The likelihood that you and your family will survive a house fire depends as much on having a working smoke detector and an exit strategy, as on a well - trained fire department. The same is true for surviving a terrorist attack or other emergency. READ MORE >>

You do your best to take great care of your car so it can take great care of you. But could there be something you're missing? You'll want to avoid these 10 car-owner don'ts to ensure thousands of worry-free miles ahead:   Don't forget to change the oil. READ MORE >>

Your insurance agent will ask in detail how you use vehicles in your business; who will be driving them; whether you own, rent or lease; and whether you and your employees are likely to be driving their own cars for your business. The answers to these questions will indicate the types of coverage you need. READ MORE >>

According to a study conducted by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average total cost to a U.S. company of a data breach is nearly $7 million, with an average cost of more than $200 per record that is stolen or lost. READ MORE >>

One of the most common requests we get as an insurance agency is for an updated ID card which are typically sent out at every renewal on your auto insurance.  However most of us get a lot of mail and are busy so the cards get lost, or never make it in to the covered automobile. READ MORE >>

Important information about motorcycles Effective July 28, 2019, the 2019 Washington State Legislature passed a new law that all motorcycle drivers must carry liability coverage and proof they have insurance. They are no longer exempt from our state's Mandatory auto insurance law (leg. READ MORE >>

Drivers: Do You Ever Think About Motorcycles? The vast majority of vehicles on the road are not motorcycles. They're cars and vans and trucks. It's quite possible that as a driver you rarely think about motorcycles. This is a problem. READ MORE >>

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