In our many years of offering motorcycle insurance to our clients we have been fortunate enough to only deal with one serious accident and fortunately our insured lived to tell the story.  Our client hands down attributes his living to tell the story from wearing the all his safety gear and not going the cheap route when purchasing it.  He had mechanical failure when going around a corner and ended up hitting a truck head on.  As you can see from the pictures the damage to his motorcycle (his was the green one) and the truck are quite extensive.  By purchasing high quality safety gear and wearing it he got out of the accident with some pretty serious injuries, but the safety gear did save his life.  Here as some things to think about next time before you go out on the road on your motorcycle.

Motorcycles are an amazing way to travel, making even commuting adventurous. But motorcycles share the roads with vehicles that dwarf them. They also lack the protective shells of cars and trucks, so motorcyclists are far more vulnerable to serious, even fatal injuries. In order to minimize the danger, there are steps that all motorcyclists should take:

Pre-Motorcycle Season

Make sure that, after being parked and stored, the cycle is in good condition. That means:

• Checking lights and signals

• Testing brakes

• Checking fuel and oils

• Make sure all cables and chains are in working order (also properly lube chains)

This is also the ideal time to see if you have the proper outfit and gear for riding. Light colors, sturdy fabrics, protective footwear, padded jackets and, of course, aproper helmet. Another thing to consider if you are inexperienced or if it has been a long time since you have operated a cycle is a brush-up safety course.

During Motorcycle Season

• Adjust your driving to driving conditions, especially poor weather

• Always wear correct clothing and gear

• Brake properly – especially avoid braking while making turns

• Don't drive beyond your skills

• Keep alert – make sure that others on the road are aware of you. Stay out of their blind spots and take care when changing lanes and passing other vehicles

• Obey traffic laws – Complying with speed limits and road warnings is important. Also, NO tailgating!

• Stay focused on your cycle – driving distractions are even more dangerous for motorcyclists

Few things are as much fun as motorcycles, but ride them safely!

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