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One of the most common requests we get as an insurance agency is for an updated ID card which are typically sent out at every renewal on your auto insurance.  However most of us get a lot of mail and are busy so the cards get lost, or never make it in to the covered automobile. READ MORE >>

Unique among motor sports, driving all-terrain vehicles combines an exhilarating workout with a test of maneuvering skills and a hearty dose of adrenaline. Fun as it is though, it can be a risky activity. So, take a systematic approach to keeping things safe before, during and after your outings. READ MORE >>

Most properly licensed persons who drive cars (including vans, SUVs, hybrids, crossovers or pickup trucks) are eligible for policies designed for standard and preferred drivers. In the insurance world, standard and preferred refer to those who typically: • Drive vehicles that are relatively inexpensive to repair or replace READ MORE >>

We can’t blame the companies for producing policies that no one understands. Most of the wording of a car insurance policy is required by law. Insurance policies in Washington do not vary much from company to company. READ MORE >>

 You get that terrible phone call – your husband has been seriously injured in a car wreck. He has been hit head-on by a teenage drunk driver. You go to the hospital and find your husband is in a coma, has a brain injury and a grotesquely broken arm. The doctors want to amputate. READ MORE >>

There are many reasons why your company needs a business continuity plan. Having a strategy – before an event happens – helps to maximize the chance your business can recover while minimizing the loss of property, life and assets. READ MORE >>

Currently, car loans may last as long as four to six years and leases are becoming more expensive. Whether your vehicle is a coupe, sedan, van, sports utility vehicle, hybrid, or truck, your vehicle's value will depreciate very quickly. A rapid loss of actual value accompanied by a longer loan obligation spells trouble. READ MORE >>

Do you operate a business from your home? If so, it's likely that you have arranged for the proper coverage to protect your property, such as business equipment and furnishings that you use with that business. You, hopefully, have also taken care of your premises liability. READ MORE >>

One of the most important actions a person can take to protect against the loss of property is to buy insurance. It involves taking time to find what type of coverage is needed, how much coverage is necessary, what insurer to deal with and whether one can afford adequate protection. READ MORE >>

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) continue among the rulers of the roadways. Their popularity is still high for the following reasons: they have a very comfortable ride they're heavy and sturdy, making them more resistant to collision damage they're capable of handling certain types of inclement weather better than smaller vehicles READ MORE >>

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