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Keep in mind that a thriving business will not happen overnight. Owning a business – especially when you start from scratch – can be extremely difficult. But after nearly 15 years of owning my own company, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The freedom that I have when I don’t have to punch a clock is amazing. READ MORE >>

Another winter season is upon us all—and it’s easy to get caught up with all the excitement around the holiday and new year.  There’s certainly a lot to be thankful for.  Follow these simple indoor and outdoor safety tips to help protect your business and business property. READ MORE >>

A business that deals with over-the-road transportation is highly concerned with substantially minimizing accidents. Vehicle accidents, besides interrupting work and creating loss of business property, have much wider consequences. Accidents also cause serious damage to public and private property and, more significantly, also create injuries and even fatalities. READ MORE >>

If you have something in writing that says who is going to do what and when, the potential for misunderstandings goes way down. By doing so, there is a greater chance you will get exactly what you bargained for. Many of my friends are small business owners, and I always tell them to make sure they get everything in writing. READ MORE >>

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy. A new joint poll from Insureon and Manta found that only 8% of the 1,200 small business owners questioned have ever filed for bankruptcy and 98% of respondents didn’t think they would need to file in the next six months. READ MORE >>

Most cars are, well, under-used. Consider cars used for commuting to work. During the work week, the majority of vehicles are driven to work (or to a mass-transit site), sit there during the entire work day, then are driven back home….where often they sit until the next work day. READ MORE >>

Insurance policy deductibles serve a couple of very important objectives. First, deductibles allow insurance companies to save money by not having to respond to frequently occurring, minor losses. In other words, a million one-dollar losses still add up to a million dollars. READ MORE >>

Business should pay close attention to their chance of suffering loss involving their use of vehicles. It's relatively easy to recognize loss created by cars and trucks that are owned and/or used in a business, such as sales representative cars or delivery vans. READ MORE >>

Register as a Contractor for the First Time If this is a new business, you must do the following: Choose your business structure. If you are going to operate as a Sole-Proprietor or General Partnership, skip to step 3. READ MORE >>

Businesses price their products to cover the costs of production as well as their labor, sales marketing and other major expenses. Prices also reflect some post-sales costs such as handling repairs or replacements under warranty. At one time many industries used a pricing strategy for their products that failed to reflect their true costs. READ MORE >>

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