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It used to be that young ladies beginning to drive were different from their male counterparts…they tended to drive more safely. However, current driving and accident statistics show that girls are gaining equality with boys on the roadways. This is a case where increasing equality is not good news. READ MORE >>

7 Tips to Help You Handle Rainy Days Behind the Wheel At some point, every driver has to deal with rainy weather. But, many don’t know what to do, so they just drive as they normally would. However, with slick roads, flooded streets and reduced visibility, that can be a recipe for disaster. READ MORE >>

Adding a teen driver to an auto policy can be a challenging time for you. Not only are parents anxious about their teen’s driving safety – they frequently suffer from “sticker shock” when faced with the associated premium increase.  Below is a look at how teens drive these days. READ MORE >>

Most state financial responsibility laws require proof that you are able to pay for any damage or injury you may cause while driving. Auto insurance is the way that most people comply with these laws. Typically compliance only takes liability insurance at some minimal limit that varies by state. READ MORE >>

Your feedback is important to us and we appreciate you!  Let us know how we are doing and if there is anything we can do to make ourselves better.  READ MORE >>

We can’t blame the companies for producing policies that no one understands. Most of the wording of a car insurance policy is required by law. Insurance policies in Washington do not vary much from company to company. READ MORE >>

 You get that terrible phone call – your husband has been seriously injured in a car wreck. He has been hit head-on by a teenage drunk driver. You go to the hospital and find your husband is in a coma, has a brain injury and a grotesquely broken arm. The doctors want to amputate. READ MORE >>

Even if you have auto insurance, there are still instances, called exclusions, when your policy won't provide coverage. Why should exclusions exist in an insurance contract? There are several different reasons. Exclusions are used to do the following: • help contain the expense of providing insurance; READ MORE >>

Car ownership is a large part of the family budget for most households and a major expense is insurance. Therefore, many insurance company ads focus on price and new customers are acquired by companies who offer protection at a lower price. In order to save money, some car owners have been attracted to purchasing minimum coverage. READ MORE >>

If you feel like you're constantly surrounded by subpar drivers, you might be onto something. Car-related deaths have risen a staggering 14 percent since 2015. A report from the III shows that car accidents rates are going up, and so too is the average cost of a car accident. What's behind these disturbing trends? READ MORE >>

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